A Street Rally Opposing Government Forced Work Vaccine Mandates

Join with your community members, your neighbors, your family and friends, your coworkers and employers, even the unemployed and retired, and stand together to fight back against the worst government overreach workers have seen in decades. Medical mandates are madness. We must stand together to reject the madness and put the choice back in the hands of the people.

November 20

Thornton Parkway
Thornton, CO

(just off I-25)


This street rally will be held along Thornton Parkway just off I-25. Parking is easy and plentiful on the NE side of Thornton Parkway in the parking lots by city hall and the courthouse. We will be lining the streets in this high visibility area with people, signs and flags using our First Amendment right to organize and protest. Please be respectful of traffic and pedestrians. Keep messaging on point and focused on the government overreach of the COVID vaccine mandate.
Millions of workers in every industry are being forced by the government to be vaccinated or lose their jobs. Many work for private employers who have federal government contracts and these workers have no other options, even if they work remotely or alone. OSHA has issued an emergency rule requiring employers with 100 or more employees to enforce vaccine mandates or face steep fines. Pregnant women are being fired and left without healthcare coverage because they would rather wait until after their baby is born to be vaccinated. Individuals who have chosen vaccination are being forced to provide personal medical information to employers who have no way of keeping it secure. Bodily autonomy is being trampled and privacy is being breached – all at the hands of the government.
This rally is not against vaccines, it is against force. It is in support of choice. One size does not fit all.
Donations are being accepted via PayPal or debit/credit card to help pay for signs for the event. Consider contributing a few dollars to the cause! Click the donate button below. To contribute a different way, contact us